Are you frustrated with your pool game? Missing shots you know you can make? Losing to people you are supposed to beat?  Knowing something is wrong with your game, but not knowing how to fix it?

You have bought all the books, and watched videos for hours. You might even have taken a lesson from a local pro, yet you still don’t feel comfortable at the table.  You might have bought a new cue, tried a different tip and still the frustration builds.

Your worries are over! My three day intensive seminar will give you the tools to play pool at whatever level you want. You will learn the fundamentals of a great swing, and how to develop it. You will learn how to control the cue ball and play better position.  You will also be exposed to three or four aiming systems to add to your arsenal of skills.

Your game will be in your hands with no morw mystery. You will know what to practice and how to practice it.
Mark Finkelstein is an ACS Level 4 and PBIA Master Instructor. Mark has been playing pool for almost 60 years and is the house pro at Slate and Eastside Billiards in NYC as well as the Instructional Columnist for NYC Grind. Mark also publishes at Pool and Billiards Magazine, Pooldawg, Easy Pool Tutor, Professor Q Ball and various other pool publications.

Mark has written a book, “Pool Ramblings” which is available from McNally Jackson publishers. He is also on the lead instructor for the National Billiards Academy that teaches pool seminars throughout the United States.

Mark is active with both the PBIA and the ACS Instructor Committees, teaches private lessons in the New York City area, plays exhibitions and runs tournaments for Corporate parties and donates his time to various schools and charities promoting pool.

Mark is also an accomplished player who has competed in Japan, the Philippines, the West Coast and the New York area.

Here is the link to a short video about my pool career:

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